G.A. Paper works with global suppliers to find the right products for your needs.

Market Pulp

G.A. Paper offers a wide range of virgin-fibre pulp products that are available bleached and unbleached, including chemical pulp, chemi-thermomechanical pulp (CTMP), high yield pulp and ground wood pulp in sheets, rolls and flash-dried.

We also offer pulp for non-paper usage, including CMC, food and pharmaceuticals, moulding compounds, filler for latex products, fibre cement and other applications.

Market pulp products include:

  • Bleached Softwood Kraft Pulp
  • Bleached Hardwood Kraft Pulp
  • Bleached Eucalyptus Kraft Pulp
  • Bleached Sulfite Pulps
  • Bleached Chemi-Thermo Mechanical Pulp (BCTMP)
  • Deinked Pulp

Fluff Pulp

Made from long-fibre softwoods, fluff pulp offers the exceptional integrity and absorbency required for products such as diapers, bed pads, feminine napkins and meat pads. We offer fluff pulp in untreated, semi-treated and fully treated varieties.


We offer containerboard in a wide range of types and specifications. Options include various grades of linerboard and fluting that are designed to meet your needs, from basic to more specialized applications, including:

  • Kraft Linerboard (Brown or White)
  • Test Linerboard
  • Semi-Chemical Fluting
  • Medium/Fluting (WBF)
  • White Top Kraft Liner
  • Recycled (Test) Liner

Folding Boxboard

Made from layers of virgin or recycled fibres. We offer board with strong consistency and performance for the packaging industry. We offer the following boards for packaging in rolls or sheets:

  • GC
  • GC1
  • GC2
  • GD
  • GT
  • Clay Coated Kraft

Specialty Grade Paper

In addition to our pulp and containerboard, we are also pleased to offer paper products for specialized applications, including:

  • Printing / Writing Paper
  • Sack / Bag Kraft Paper
  • Cup Board
  • Plate Board
  • Cup Stock
  • Milk Carton Stock
  • Various Other Grades


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