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Shipping and Logistics

G.A. Paper works diligently with sales managers across multiple product divisions to seek out the most suitable freight options for your needs, and to negotiate competitive shipping rates on your behalf. Each sales representative is fully versed in every intricacy of the shipping process, and is also supported by a team of experienced shipping and logistics experts.

We have an in-depth knowledge of the various logistical considerations of raw materials procurement and align ourselves with the various stakeholders – such as warehouses, shipping companies, and port authorities – to offer the most efficient solutions for both suppliers and customers. We are committed to assessing every option, rather than simply accepting the status quo. Whether this means employing different load ports, load patterns or transportation methods, such as break bulk instead of containers. Our complete end-to-end shipping service also includes the monitoring of your cargo, both at load and at discharge, enabling us to effectively manage potential dangers and risks during transportation.

This allows us to offer you a complete suite of shipping options – from single container shipments to fully chartered vessels.

Our logistics team has solid expertise in:

  • Contract Negotiations
  • Container Shipments
  • Break Bulk Shipments
  • Vessel Chartering
  • Order Tracking
  • Marine Insurance
  • Inspection of Goods
  • Warehousing
  • Claims Handling
  • Documentation Services

Trade Finance

Our past experience and solid business acumen allows us to deliver competitive financial solutions geared to the individual needs of our customers and suppliers. G.A. Paper’s experienced traders work closely with financial and banking institutions to leverage the best options for your needs. G.A. Paper’s trade financing solutions facilitate seamless business transactions by freeing up cashflow and mitigating risk.

We can assist you with:

  • Purchase Order Financing
  • Letter of Credit
  • Invoice Factoring
  • Import Financing
  • Export Financing
  • Working Capital Loans

Risk Managment

G.A. Paper’s success is based largely on our ability to provide stability in the face of market uncertainty. Our sales managers are also specialists in their respective markets. We fully understand the inherent financial risks associated with trade. Unstable valuations. Ever changing regulations. By understanding the various regulatory and economic intricacies of each country, we are able to provide complete end-to-end shipping and logistical solutions that ensure each business transaction is financially sound.

For our suppliers, we offer the opportunity to actively participate in emerging markets without assuming the associated risks. For our customers, we provide access to products which may not be readily available to their markets.


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